Our History

The creation of the City of DeCordova was initiated via a petition by a group of concerned DeCordova Bend Estates residents. This petition, signed by over 200 residents, was in response to a proposed expansion of incorporated boundaries by the city of Granbury. This expansion would take in the new middle school/future high school site to the south of Highway 377 East and the connecting roadway from the site to Highway 4 at James Road. This action would mean that the city of Granbury would forever block DeCordova Bend Estates (DCBE) from taking any action to become a separate legal entity and would allow Granbury to eventually annex DCBE into the city.

DCBE is a gated community of 3,341 residents (U.S. Census 2008 estimate), and all of its roadways and common property (clubhouse, golf courses, lots and parks) are privately owned. There would be no benefit to the residents of DCBE from taxes levied by and paid to the city of Granbury. The city of Granbury’s Tax in 1999 was 44 cents per 100 dollars evaluation, which equated to $550.00 for a home valued at $125,000.00. The average saving to each DCBE household would be approximately $5,500.00 in the last 6 years. (As of 2007, the Granbury City Tax is 42 cents per 100 dollars evaluation.)

Between November, 1999, and January 13, 2000, the facts surrounding the incorporation of DCBE into a city were presented and discussed by putting out direct mailings to residents, and public information meetings.

The election for incorporation was held on January 15, 2000. Approximately 60 percent (1,304) of the registered voters in DCBE (2,178) marked ballots in the election. Voters overwhelmingly approved incorporation by a vote of 1,154 (88%) for and 150 (12%) against. This mandate created DeCordova, Texas, which is believed to be the first new city in Texas in the 2000 millennium.

The County Judge selected May 6, 2000, as the date for the election of city officials. Twenty-three citizens of DeCordova Bend Estates registered to run for the 6 Alderman positions. Three citizens registered for the position of Marshal. The candidate receiving the most votes became Mayor, as stipulated by state law.

The next five top vote receivers were elected Aldermen. The top vote receiver in the Marshal race was elected Marshal. The County Judge swore in the Mayor, Aldermen and Marshal during a ceremony at the DeCordova Clubhouse on May 12, 2000. The first City Council members elected were: Dick Pruitt, Mayor; Aldermen, Aletta Bennett, Truitt Garrison, Richard Reed, Joyce Smith, and Charles Tillema. Jack Revill was elected City Marshal and the City Secretary was Pat Revill.

There is one thing that helps to distinguish between the City of DeCordova and the Owners Association. The DeCordova Board of Directors are elected by one voter per household of the property owner’s association. The City Council is elected by a vote of all registered voters of the City of DeCordova, Texas. There is no intent to levy a tax on the citizens of DeCordova. The present City Council has operated in an efficient and conservative manner and has stated they will never impose a tax on our citizens, as long as they hold office.

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